Aggregator : it’s just one company who does this

it's all just one company.

The way some phone bills are structured, can be confusing. On some phone bills, such as the Telstra bill, only the aggregator is stated but the individual Content Providers are not.

The 1300 or 1800 number stated on the bill is the aggregator ’s contact number. That makes it look as if all costs come from 1 company.

However, an aggregator works as a conduit in between the telephone network and the content provider.

You could also compare that with the Mail man – these companies deliver the messages between you and the content provider. They are not supplying the game, content or services itself.

Examples of aggregator companies that could be mentioned on your bill are Open Market, Oxygen8, MIA, PCIM or Netsize (please note that list does not contain all aggregators and is an example only).

If you call the aggregator, most likely you will be given another number  of the actual content provider’s help desk number.

Other telecommunication providers, such as Optus, do state the help line number of the individual Content providers on their bills, which makes it easier to contact the right organization.