Premium Charges


You can pay for services via your telephone bill, for instance for services delivered or used on your phone.

Content Services

The content can be for instance a trivia game, a ringtone or a subscription to an anti-virus program, music/video clips, extra in-game features and more. Instead of a normal price, you pay a Premium on top of your normal connection costs for the content that you will receive.

Charity Services

This mechanism is simply sending an SMS to a charity in order to make a donation. By sending an SMS to the charity, you give permission to credit your phone bill or pre paid credit with the price of the SMS (mostly $5.00).

This way of donating has relatively recently been introduced in Australia: the premium price for sending a SMS is passed on to the charity that is promoting it. On your phone bill you will find ‘premium charges’, ‘third party charges’ or ‘third party premium charges’.