Claim and Phone Bill Payment

32137315In case of a dispute between the content provider and you, endeavors to find a solution that is for both parties acceptable, such on a so called case-by-case basis. If your claim has awarded, there’s two options how to receive the awarded amount:

  • Via bank cheque

The claims arbitrator issues a cheque on behalf of the Content Provider in your name. Upon receiving, you have to deposit the cheque into your account. We need your exact name and an address to send the cheque to. The name needs to match the name of your bank account, the address can be any address where you would like to have the cheque sent to.

  • Per Wire Transfer

Also called Telegraphic Transfer or E-Banking). In order to deposit money into your account, we need your BSB and Account number. We can only deposit into Australian Banking Accounts. Note: although we can not take any money out of your bank account and we will never ask you for PIN codes or other secret details, the vast majority of claimants prefer to receive a cheque, because they feel protected by the not having to disclose their banking details.

Note that is an independent organization and mediator, and is not part of your Telecommunications provider (such as Telstra, Optus, Vodafone etc). As such, does not have access to your telephone account details, and hence, can not reverse or deposit any amount directly onto your phone bill. Therefore, make sure that you pay your telecommunications phone bill as per usual to ensure that your telephony services continue to operate