End a subscription

36608630End a subscription

When Premium Services are subscription based, the Content Provider needs to inform you how to end a subscription. This is stated in SMS’s you get from the Content Provider when you sign up, the welcoming SMS, the monthly subscription reminder SMS, or the SMS when you spent over $30.

The unsubscribe message comes mostly in the form of: “text ‘stop’ to stop” or “Send ‘Stop’ 2 end” etc). In order to end, you have to follow the instructions in the SMS, alternatively you can call the Content Provider’s Help Desk and unsubscribe via their Help Desk.

Messages that have a premium charge always start with “$MSG” or “$msg”. Deleting a message that starts with the $ character and that states ‘you have been charged for…’ or ‘thank you for your subscription’ will NOT stop further or existing costs.

Example 1: Assume you have Pay TV at home (e.g. Foxtel). Selling your TV set will NOT end your pay TV subscription. You have to contact the Pay TV Provider in order to end a subscription.

Example 2: You have a fitness membership that automatically extends with a certain period. Not going to the gym, or throwing away your fitness bag and shoes, will NOT automatically end your subscription. You have to contact the gym to end a subscription.