Premium Rate Telephony

19152431Premium Rate Telephony

Some content is delivered via the telephone and for that you pay a premium accessing that telephone line. Examples are Astrology services, Professional and consultation services, Dating lines, Ringtone ordering lines or information lines such as from foreign embassies. Another frequently used application is call and win games or voting lines on TV channels, or trivia games that are played on the phone and the computer. These numbers are recognizable because they will start with “19” followed by 8 digits. The charges can be per minute (Timed Tariff) or per Call (Fixed Tariff).

The first 24 seconds of any call to a 19 telephony number is always free of charge. If you make a call to these numbers, the rate is being stated and you have to confirm that you agree with the rate by pressing a key (often the 0 on your keypad). If you don’t press anything, the connection will be dropped after 24 seconds.

Charges via these lines can vary between $0.55-$5.50 for Timed Tariff services and a service using a Fixed Tariff can be between $0.55 and $35.00