Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy – summery for telco support users
This summery of the privacy policy is specifically written for the end-user, who contacts us, or who we contact, in our role as an outsourced help desk and customer contact center. It explains the way we obtain, use, and the reason why we may collect your personal information. For the full privacy policy document, please click here.

Telco Support is committed to collecting, disclosing and handling personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) and Australian Privacy Principles (APP’s, effective 12th of March 2014). Telco Support has implemented practices, procedures and systems to comply with the APP’s.

Telco Support respects your right to privacy and understands the importance of dealing with your personal information in a confidential manner.

The personal information referred to, is information, true or not, about an individual whose identity can be ascertained from that information.

Collection of Personal Information
As a contact center(s) organisation to whom third parties outsource their customer contact needs -or parts of thereof-, Telco support conducts a range of services on behalf of a wide variety of organisations.

In the majority of cases, Telco support collects information from end-users in order to assist them with their queries with regards to (mobile) phone account(s), usage of phones, or services charged to (mobile) phone accounts.

In order to fulfil the role of customer contact center, personal information that may be collected includes for instance name, address, contact number(s), email, purchase history of goods or services, payment history, payment or payment transaction details, bank details, or company name and ABN.

Telco Support may collect end-user personal information from other entities, over the phone, through mail, email or via our website or direct via the organisation that has outsourced the customer contact center part of their organisation to Telco support.

Use of the obtained information
Due to the fact that a variety of organisations outsource their contact center requirements to Telco support and that Telco support represents, the purpose for collecting personal information may differ. We encourage end-users to carefully read the privacy policies that apply to the transactions between them and the third party they have been engag(ed)(ing) with.

At the time of collection, end-users will be informed of the intended purpose of the collection of this personal information. Personal information is only used for its intended purpose and we will not disclose personal information for any other purposes unless we have your consent to do so, or legal reasons force us to do so.

If end-users would like to remain anonymous (or use a pseudonym or pseudo contact details), where it is practicable when contacting us, our level of service that we may be able to provide may be affected. As a consequence, we even may be unable to deal with your enquiry or request.

Access to your information
If you believe that Telco support holds your personal information and you would like to access this information or would like to update your personal information, please contact the privacy officer via